Special Sessions

The following special sessions will be presented at ICASSP 2008.

SS-1: Compressed Sensing I
Organized by Justin Romberg and Minh N. Do

SS-2: Signal Processing Challenges in Environmental Monitoring
Organized by Hagit Messer

SS-3: Through-the-Wall Radar Imaging
Organized by Edward Baranoski and Fauzia Ahmad

SS-4: Revamping Signal Processing for Neuroscience: Challenges in Brain Machine Interface Technology
Organized by Karim G. Oweiss

SS-5: Theory of Biometric Systems: from Statistics to Information Theoretical Limits
Organized by Natalia A. Schmid

SS-6: Voice Search Technology and Applications
Organized by Geoffrey Zweig, Mazin Gilbert, and Roberto Pieraccini

SS-7: Acoustical Scene Analysis via Spherical Microphone Arrays
Organized by Dmitry N. Zotkin and Ramani Duraiswami

SS-8: Physical Layer Challenges in Underwater Acoustic Communications
Organized by Ronald A. Iltis and Hua Lee

SS-9: Non-GNSS Radio Frequency Navigation Techniques
Organized by Richard K. Martin and John Raquet

SS-10: Industry Perspectives on Multimedia for Mobile Phones
Organized by J. McElvain, V. Viswanathan, and M. Budagavi

SS-11: Game Theory for Signal Processing in Wireless Communications
Organized by Erik G. Larsson and Eduard A. Jorswieck

SS-12: Design Challenges in Energy Efficient Software Defined Radio
Organized by Bruno Bougard, Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya, Jarmo Takala

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