Tutorials will be held on March 30 and 31, 2008. More information will be posted as it is known.

Sunday Afternoon, March 30

T-1: Adaptive MIMO techniques and Performance
Presenters: I. Collings, R. Heath, M. McKay, A. Forenza

T-2: Majorization and Matrix Monotone Functions in Signal Processing for Wireless Communications
Presenters: E. Jorswieck and H. Boche

T-3: Rapid Language Adaptation Tools and Technologies for Multilingual Speech Processing Systems
Presenters: T. Schultz and A. Black

T-4: Optimal Design of Wireless Networks: A Signal Processing Perspective
Presenters: A. Ribeiro and G. Giannakis

T-5: Signal Processing Issues in Global Satellite Navigation Systems (GNSS)
Presenter: M. Luise
Monday Morning, March 31

T-6: Adaptive Techniques in Wireless Networks: From Adaptive Signal Processing to Cross-Layer Adaptation
Presenter: M. Ibnkahla

T-7: Modulation Frequency Analysis and Modification of Signals
Presenters: Les Atlas, S. Sukittanon, S. Schimmel

T-8: Introduction to Bioinformatics and Computational Biology: Part I
Presenters: E. Dougherty, A. Tewfik, P.P. Vaidyanathan, and H. Vikalo

T-9: Compressive Sensing Theory & Applications
Presenters: P. Boufounos, J. Romberg, R. Baraniuk

T-10: Multimedia Signal Processing on Processors with Many Cores
Presenters: Y. Chen and S.Y. Kung
Monday Afternoon, March 31

T-11: MIMO Radar
Presenters: R. Blum, A Haimovich, and J. Li

T-12: Algorithms and Architectures for Next-Generation Optical Fiber Communications: A New Frontier for Signal Processing
Presenters: A. Singer and N. Shanbhag

T-13: Introduction to Bioinformatics and Computational Biology: Part II
Presenters: E. Dougherty, A. Tewfik, P.P. Vaidyanathan, and H. Vikalo

T-14: Networking Cognitive Radios for Dynamic Spectrum Access
Presenters: Qing Zhao and A. Swami

T-15: Biometric System Security
Presenters: A. Vetro and N. Memon
Monday Evening, March 31

Offered free of charge to ICASSP attendees. Sign-up is required; click title for more information.

T-16: Authoring in Connexions: Open-Source Publishing for the New Millenium
Presenters: Douglas L. Jones and Catherine A. Schmidt-Jones

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